Section 5: Culverts and Storm Drains

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Maintenance Policy

The operational characteristics of all culverts, storm drains and similar appurtenances should be preserved as near as practical to the originally constructed or subsequently modified conditions. This will assure normal cross-roadway drainage. Such appurtenances include:

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Maintenance and Repair

Culverts and storm drains may become clogged by:

These appurtenances should be cleared as soon as practical after a significant loss of hydraulic capacity has been observed or reported. Significant erosion should be repaired as soon as practical. Deficient appurtenances should be repaired or replaced as soon as practical. Please refer to the Wetlands/Streambed Permits for requirements in wetland areas. (Maintenance Management Manual, Chapter 5, Section 5)

Drainage pump stations should be maintained in a serviceable condition. Periodic inspection of pumps and related equipment should be performed to insure proper operation.

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