Chapter 5: Emergency Operations


Section 1: Overview

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Emergency operations include snow and ice operations, oil and hazardous material spills, fire control and prevention, and accidents and incidents.

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  • Snow and Ice Control—This section contains information about the priority of work, district plans, control methods, road closures, management, limits of work, railroad grade crossings and isolated spots of ice. Detailed methods are provided in the Snow and Ice Control Operations Manual maintained by the Maintenance Division.
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  • Emergency Spill Response—This section explains TxDOT employees' active role in protecting themselves and the traveling public when hazardous materials are spilled or released TxDOT property or rights of way.
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  • Response to Wildfires—This section explains the department's role in supporting wildfire fighting efforts.
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  • Accidents and Incidents—This section explains policies and procedures for responding to traffic accidents, spilled cargo and other incidents which may obstruct traffic or create safety hazards.
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  • Homeland Security - This section explains policy and procedures for reporting suspicious activities.
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