Manual Notice: 2021-1

From: James Stevenson, P.E., Director, Maintenance Division

Manual: Maintenance Operations Manual

Effective Date: January 26, 2021



The Maintenance Operations Manual has been revised to include additional information about the closure of Safety Rest Areas and Picnic Areas and the maintenance of hazardous or explosive materials under bridges or in tunnels.



Chapter 2, Section 6 – Safety Rest Areas and Picnic Areas. The section “Closing of Safety Rest Areas and Picnic Areas” has been expanded to include information on what should be done by districts before a decision to close a Safety Rest Area or Picnic Area is made, as well as how to work with an outside group that is willing to undertake maintenance of such a facility so that it may remain open to the public.

Chapter 3, Bridges. The section on Bridge Maintenance Policy has been revised to include information about flammable and explosive materials found under bridges and in tunnels, including construction materials and homeless encampments.



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