Section 6: Mental Health and Mental Retardation Facilities Maintenance

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This section outlines the responsibilities of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) regarding the maintenance of the Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation Department (MHMR) streets, roads and parking lots within the state. This information is included in a Memorandum of Agreement between TxDOT and MHMR. The agreement establishes that TxDOT will review the conditions of MHMR facilities to determine needs and set priorities to perform the work. MHMR roads with the "MR" designation are roads, streets and parking lots owned by MHMR.

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TxDOT Responsibilities

The Texas Department of Transportation should, at its own expense:

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  • Maintain the surface of paved roads to TxDOT standards. This will include surface, base, sub-base, and subgrade. The roads will be evaluated on a two-year frequency to determine condition.
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  • Maintain the surface of parking lots to provide an acceptable parking surface and to provide for adequate drainage.
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  • Provide for maintenance of bridges to TxDOT standards. All components of bridges and the channels within the limits of the normal construction width will be maintained by TxDOT.
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  • Maintain drainage inside the construction width of roadways. Drainage maintenance should include repairs to all structures less than bridge classification and maintenance of all ditches under and adjacent to the road not to exceed the construction width.
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  • Maintain and replace all existing regulatory and warning signs and delineators, such as stop signs, speed limit signs, etc.
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  • Maintain all road striping and parking lot striping as currently exists and as required for safe traffic operations.
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  • Repair and replace existing guard rails and other safety appurtenances as necessary.
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MHMR Responsibilities

The Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation should, at its own expense:

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  • Exclusively perform all mowing, trimming, litter removal, sweeping, herbicide applications, tree and brush removal and other roadside maintenance
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  • Maintain drainage outside the construction width of roadways
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  • Provide for new installation of traffic control signals, and all specialty sign installation and maintenance
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  • Provide for the operation of all roads. Roads may be closed by MHMR when emergency conditions exist
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Local Points of Contact

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  • The primary point of contact for MHMR concerning maintenance is the facility maintenance manager for each facility. The MHMR point of contact should notify the TxDOT point of contact of maintenance needs as they are observed.
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  • The TxDOT primary point of contact for each MHMR facility is the maintenance supervisor whose area of responsibility for maintenance includes the respective MHMR facility. The TxDOT point of contact should monitor the roads and parking lots on the state facility for maintenance needs in the same manner as the roads on the state highway system are monitored.
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