Chapter 2: Roadside


Section 1: Overview

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The Roadside (Environment Protection) chapter contains basic information about litter; vegetation management, roadside drainage, culverts and storm drains, storm water management, abandoned hazardous materials, emergency spill response, safety rest areas and picnic areas, guardrail, median barriers, attenuators, stockpiles on the right of way and fire control and prevention.

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Roadsides are the areas between the outside edges of the shoulders and the right of way boundaries. On multi-lane highways, the median and/or outer separations are included. The type of work performed on the roadside includes litter pickup, vegetation management, roadside drainage, picnic area maintenance, rest area maintenance, barrier maintenance and guardrail repair.

The TxDOT goal of building a transportation system that is not only safe and efficient but also environmentally sensitive will be incomplete unless maintenance of highways is also performed with the goal of minimizing its impact on the environment.

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