Section 2: Signs

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Maintenance Policy

Highway signs should be kept in proper position, plumb, clean and legible. For missing or damaged regulatory and warning signs, replacement or repair should be done as soon as possible. Replace or repair other damaged or missing signs as soon as practical.

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Sign Maintenance Activities

Effective sign maintenance includes the following tasks:

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  • maintaining breakaway features of sign supports to ensure they function as designed (no silt or debris over slip base, no signs attached below hinge points)
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  • assuring that the sign message is clearly visible at all times (clear of vegetation or other obstructions).
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  • reporting damaged signs (a responsibility for all employees)
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  • replacing signs and posts as needed
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  • straightening posts and sign assemblies
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  • completing records of all sign installations (stop signs and regulation)
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  • cleaning as necessary
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  • tightening sign fasteners
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  • proper torquing of slip base plate and fuse plate connecting bolts or breakaway sign posts
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  • tightening anchor bolt nuts on overhead sign supports
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  • performance of scheduled inspections by trained personnel in accordance with the Traffic Operations Manual.
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