Section 2: Approved Design Method

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AASHTO Rigid Pavement Design Procedure

The 1993 AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures is the only approved design method for rigid pavements for TxDOT. This design procedure is available in automated form. Automated procedures include the AASHTO DARWin® program and the TxDOT’s TSLAB86 program.

These programs are available to TxDOT personnel through the district pavement engineer. Consultants may obtain the TSLAB86 program from the district pavement engineer or the Materials & Pavements Section of the Construction Division (CST-M&P).

The AASHTO Guide also contains design procedures for rehabilitation of rigid pavements, including asphalt concrete overlays or Portland cement concrete (PCC) overlays of existing rigid pavements. Contact the district pavement engineer or CST-M&P for further assistance.

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