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Section 2: Investigation Team

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2.1 Objectives

An investigation team provides technical assistance to the districts and divisions to determine the causes of and recommend solutions to premature or recurring pavement distresses. The investigation team’s involvement is strictly by request. The team will act as a consultant to the districts and divisions.

The investigation team’s objectives are to:

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  • enhance the district/division’s problem- solving capabilities,
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  • identify, document, and communicate causes of premature pavement distresses so that they may be prevented in the future, and
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  • provide remedial solutions for premature or recurring pavement distresses.

The director of MNT – Pavement Asset Management will serve as the Premature Distress Investigation Team Coordinator. The director is responsible for:

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  • assigning project leader and team members to specific projects, and
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  • reviewing progress on individual projects and ensuring timely completion.

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