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Section 8: Reinforcing Steel

Reinforcing steel used in concrete pavement includes longitudinal and transverse steel in continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP), dowel bars in concrete pavement contraction design (CPCD), and tie bars for both CRCP and CPCD.

Longitudinal and transverse steel is designed to keep cracks tight to prevent water or foreign materials from penetrating the pavement structure or prevent seepage through the concrete cracks. Dowel bars are used to provide load transfer at the transverse contraction joints. Tie bars are installed at the longitudinal construction joints and maintain the concrete slabs’ structure, which prevents lane separation.

For the steel to perform these functions satisfactorily, steel must possess certain engineering properties, which include the modulus of elasticity of 29 million psi and yield strength of 60 ksi. More specific requirements are stipulated in Item 440. The steel should meet the requirements as described in Items 360 and 440 and in the CRCP and CPCD Design Standards.

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