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Section 5: Environmental Clearance

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This section describes finalizing required environmental documentation and public involvement to obtain approval by the Environmental Affairs Division.

This section includes the following task:

30500. Obtain environmental clearance

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30500: Obtain environmental clearance

Description. As outlined in the Assignment MOU regarding project delivery, TxDOT Environmental Affairs Division (ENV) is responsible for the management, control, and oversight of the NEPA environmental review and approval process for department‑approved highway projects.

The department uses a Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) procedure to achieve compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards. ENV has provided extensive guidance documents, flowcharts, and forms to assist the project core team meet the environmental requirements.

A preliminary FEIS and/or an individual Section 4(f) evaluation is submitted for a legal sufficiency review before it is eligible for final document certification. The Office of General Counsel must provide a written statement that the legal sufficiency review is complete.

The Environmental Review Document is approved by the ENV Division Director.

Pertinent Project Types. Projects requiring an EA, EIS or CE

Responsible Party. Core team


Resource Material.

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