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Section 2: Interagency Coordination/Permits

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Early coordination with regulatory and resource agencies allows for identifying and assessing project potential to affect jurisdictional interests of other agencies. Regulatory agencies have permitting requirements for proposed construction activities in their jurisdictional areas.

This section discusses the activities involved in identifying permit requirements, through coordination with agencies during early project development, so required permits can be obtained.

This section includes the following tasks:

30200. Perform early coordination with review/resource agencies

30210. Determine environmental permit requirements

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30200: Perform early coordination with review/resource agencies

Description. During early project planning, regulatory/resource agencies should be contacted and notified to obtain input, concerns, or opportunities regarding the project.

For projects impacting navigation and construction activities in waters of the United States, four agencies have regulatory authority.

Pertinent Project Types. Projects requiring environmental documentation

Responsible Party. Core team


Helpful Suggestions.

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  • Include a project location map and any information that helps produce a project specific response versus a generalized information response.
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  • Consider conducting field investigations with resource agencies and discuss issues in the field.

Critical Sequencing.

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  • This coordination should be initiated after field investigations are conducted.


Resource Material.

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30210: Determine environmental permit requirements

Description. Required permits are determined by project location, affected resources, and specific activities. Regulatory agencies have permitting requirements for proposed construction activities. The scope of work may require permits to comply with federal and state regulations governing activities within, or close to, the project area.

Processing time for permits can be three weeks to three months depending on the completeness of the application for the regulated activity covered by the permit. In emergencies, permits can be obtained in a matter of days or hours.

Pertinent Project Types. All projects, except preventive maintenance or restoration projects

Responsible Party. Core team

Critical Sequencing.

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  • Determine permit requirements through early coordination with review agencies so design/construction requirements may be considered during schematic design.


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