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This manual release updates references to outdated department structure, policies, technology, and processes. The Project Development Process Manual provides task information for the transportation engineering practitioner to begin with a project concept and move forward to a complete PS&E project approved for work authorization.

The chapters and tasks in this manual are arranged by project building blocks. There are over 300 tasks that provide guidance, references, and regulation authority.

Recent department business and planning changes have incorporated vocabulary and phrases that may confuse the user of this manual. The title of this manual and definitions used within are intended for the purpose of the engineering design project development process. For example, references to stage gate or portfolio in this manual should only be interpreted as they apply to the engineering design process: Stage Gate is an Environmental Affairs Division form that assists the designer with the project’s environmental development; and Portfolio is a PDF formatted e-construction package of highway construction documents for our paperless environment.

This manual is not intended as a financial business or forecasting how-to manual for programming, planning, and business portfolio management. Business, finance, and planning processes are distinct with unique terminology and definitions; more information is available through those division offices, websites, and manuals.

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The manual was written for districts; divisions; employees new to project development; and consultant personnel assigned to plan, develop, and design a project.

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