Section 2: 1994 Texas Transportation Plan

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The Texas Transportation Plan is a statewide plan to coordinate the various modes of transportation for effectively linking every area of the state. The Texas Transportation Plan is a framework for long-term planning, developing, and preservation of the transportation system over a twenty-year time period.

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Public and Private Involvement

The Texas Transportation Plan is a result of extensive coordination and input from various government agencies, organizations, private interest groups, and individuals. Key players identified in this effort were TxDOT, other state agencies, cities, counties, metropolitan planning organizations, representatives of airports and seaports, rail and freight industries, public transit systems, business and environmental communities, and the general public.

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Multimodal Plan

The Texas Transportation Plan provides direction for developing and preserving all modes of transportation. By providing guidance for linking the various modes, the Texas Transportation Plan facilitates intermodalism throughout the state of Texas. Effective intermodal connectivity is essential between these modes:

  • auto/trucks
  • bus transit
  • aviation
  • freight and passenger rail
  • marine transportation
  • nonmotorized transportation
  • pipelines
  • telecommunications and information technology.
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Texas Transportation Plan Goals

The Texas Transportation Plan goals address the current and future needs of Texas and provide recommendations for the transportation system as well as direction for the development of performance measurements. The goals address:

  • mobility and accessibility
  • effectiveness and efficiency
  • choice and connectivity
  • safety
  • environmental and social sensitivity
  • economic growth and international trade
  • new technology.
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Texas Transportation Plan Update Process

The Texas Transportation Plan is periodically revised to meet the continually changing transportation needs of the people and businesses of Texas.

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