Manual Notice: 2001-1

From: Kirby W. Pickett, P.E.

Manual: Transportation Planning Manual

Effective Date: June 01, 2001


To issue the Transportation Planning Manual. This manual is contained in the Planning and Programming Collection of the TxDOT Online Manual System.


The Transportation Planning Manual contains the following chapters:

  • State Plans, Specialized Application and Approval Activities,
  • Regional Alliances and Studies,
  • Miscellaneous Programs,
  • Metropolitan Transportation Planning, and
  • Rural Transportation Planning.


Please remove and recycle the Transportation Planning Division Operations Manual dated April 4, 1985.

The Transportation Planning Manual will be distributed online only. Manual distributors may print and distribute a hardcopy from the PDF online version for employees not on the TxDOT wide-area-network or those preferring to retain a hardcopy. In this case, manual distributors must retain a distribution list and must also print and distribute all revisions.


Refer questions or suggestions to the Special Projects and Policy Analysis Branch of the Administration Section of the Transportation Planning and Programming Division (TPP).


Past manual notices are available in a pdf archive.

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