Chapter 3: Regional Alliances and Studies


Section 1: Western Trade Transportation Network

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The Western Trade Transportation Network (WTTN) was established in 1993 during a conference of the Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO). Its purpose is to facilitate coordination between several western state departments of transportation (DOTs) and other interested parties for the implementation of a multimodal transportation and trade network. WTTN expects such coordination to promote economic growth and maximize regional trade opportunities among the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

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Role of TxDOT

Any north-south transportation and trade corridor developments can affect the flow of commerce. Since a significant portion of U.S.-Mexican commerce passes through Texas, TxDOT has a critical role in WTTN. Its involvement with binational commerce and corridor development in the region requires that TxDOT be actively involved in WTTN decision making. The Director of TPP is TxDOT’s representative on WTTN.

Phase I. Phase I of the study has already been completed. The focus was to identify all of the transportation network deficiencies. (See the executive summary by clicking pln_apb.)

Phase II. Phase II is underway to develop solutions to the network deficiencies identified in Phase I.

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