Section 2: Statewide Analysis Model

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TxDOT builds and maintains travel-demand models for individual urban areas within the state. With the increased interest in international trade, TxDOT has received queries about the effect of that trade on the state as a whole. Therefore, TxDOT proposes expanded coverage of its travel-demand modeling to a statewide model which will include consideration of different passenger and freight modes and the interaction among those modes.

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The Statewide Analysis Model (SAM) will be developed based on the Texas Trunk Highway System and a zone structure built from census tracts. The SAM will contain approximately 1400 Serial Zones or Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZs) inside Texas, approximately 57 buffer zones in the neighboring states, and approximately 81 external stations. The SAM will forecast accurate statewide traffic volumes by mode for passenger and freight and be capable of forecasting mode shifts for passenger and freight.

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Modeling of the various modes will be done by coordination between the Traffic Analysis Section and the Transportation Systems Planning Section of TPP.

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