Section 3: Strategic Planning Coordination

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Texas Department of Transportation Strategic Plans

The TxDOT Strategic Plans are documents that provides a framework for TxDOT divisions, districts, and offices to achieve the agency’s vision, mission, and philosophy in providing the best transportation system possible for citizens of the state. The plans are evolving documents that address the many facets of TxDOT: projects, trends, agency performance, funding, capital facilities, goals, and objectives. There are three major long-term plans used by TxDOT: Strategic Plan 1999-2003, the Texas Transportation Plan: Partnership into the 21st Century, and the Unified Transportation Program.

The Strategic Plan is a five-year, internal document covering TxDOT’s plans for all of its people, services, and transportation-related activities. A strategic plan is mandated for all Texas agencies by the legislature as part of the state’s overall performance-based planning and budgeting system. In addition to setting goals, objectives, and strategies, TxDOT’s Strategic Plan sets targets for all outcome measures. These targets are based on a current-funding (i.e., no new revenue) scenario for the agency. The 1999-2003 Plan was developed by senior management and the Texas Transportation Commission. An abbreviated copy of the latest TxDOT Strategic Plan is located on the TxDOT web site at

The Texas Transportation Plan is a twenty-year document mandated by state and federal legislatures. It covers items under TxDOT’s umbrella as well as items that will have to be addressed by other entities, both public and private. Its expressed purpose is to set direction for developing and preserving all modes of transportation and for ensuring connectivity between these modes. The Texas Transportation Plan contains policies and strategies that have been adopted by the Texas Transportation Commission and so appear in TxDOT’s Strategic Plan.

The Unified Transportation Program serves as TxDOT’s internal mechanism for authorizing transportation project development. This program covers all transportation modes and all types of projects, from seal coats to new construction. It is a ten-year, fiscally constrained, annually updated plan with two classes of projects. Priority One projects are approved for construction within the next three years. Priority Two projects are those in the process of preliminary development/design, environmental clearance, major investment study, etc. Priority Two projects are slated for construction approval in Year 4 through Year 10 of the program.

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