Chapter 3: Installation and Inspection

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Section 1: Overview

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The key to high-quality pavement markings lies in proper installation. To assure high-quality installation, proper inspection procedures are essential. The intent of this chapter is to provide inspectors with necessary guidance in the field inspection of pavement markings before, during, and after application. The objective is to achieve quality control and quality assurance of pavement markings so that the desired service lives are achieved. This chapter supplements TxDOT Test Methods Tex-828-B and Tex-854-B and other inspection-related specifications.

Field inspection by properly trained personnel is necessary to ensure that high-quality pavement markings are being placed on the roadway. Field inspection of pavement marking construction can be divided into three parts:

  • inspection of roadway and weather conditions prior to application
  • inspection of the pavement markings application process
  • inspection of the finished work for final acceptance.

End-of-service-life inspection is used to determine when markings must be restriped.

This chapter provides information on conducting inspections of pavement marking installation. Appendix A provides supporting information on pavement marking visibility and retroreflectivity. Appendix B lists and provides links to pertinent TxDOT specifications, test methods, and standard sheets.

TxDOT provides access to many resources on-line. The following web addresses provide access to current specifications and test methods:

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All TxDOT on-line manuals

TxDOT’s Standard Specifications for Construction and Maintenance of Highways, Streets, and Bridges

TxDOT’s Material Specifications

TxDOT’s Manual of Testing Procedures (test methods)

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