Manual Notice: 2004-1

From: Carlos A. Lopez, P.E

Manual: Pavement Marking Handbook

Effective Date: August 01, 2004


This handbook provides information on material selection, installation, and inspection guidelines for pavement markings. It is targeted for two audiences — engineering personnel and field personnel. The portion for engineering personnel provides information on selecting pavement marking materials for various applications. The portion for field personnel provides information on pavement marking installation and inspection. Additional information about TxDOT specifications, procedures, and standards applicable to pavement markings are included in an appendix. The manual may be used by designers to help with pavement marking material selection and inspectors in the field.


This is a new manual, and it does not replace any existing documents.



Table of Contents

Chapters 1 through 3

Appendix A & B

Review History

This manual is the product of a Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) research project. The TxDOT project director is Greg Brinkmeyer of the Traffic Operations Division. The research supervisor is Gene Hawkins of the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI). Tim Gates and Liz Rose of TTI developed most of the material in the handbook. Wade Odell was the research liaison engineer for the TxDOT Research and Technology Implementation Office.

This handbook became a reality because numerous individuals were willing to contribute their time, ideas, and comments during the development process. Special credit should be given to a group of TxDOT staff who meet on a regular basis to review drafts and develop material for the handbook. Through the life of this project, these individuals have included the following:

  • Greg Brinkmeyer, TxDOT, Traffic Operations Division, Project Director
  • Susan Atkins, TxDOT, San Antonio District
  • Larry Colclasure, TxDOT, Waco District
  • Rick Collins, TxDOT, Research and Technology Implementation Office
  • Rodney Cox, TxDOT, Abilene District
  • Mickey Dammann, TxDOT, Construction Division, Materials Section
  • Peter Eng, TxDOT, Tyler District
  • Paul Frerich, TxDOT, Yoakum District
  • Dock Gee, TxDOT, Houston District
  • Tommy Holcomb, TxDOT, Childress District
  • Jerry Howell, TxDOT, Construction Division, Materials Section
  • Catarino Mendoza, TxDOT, San Antonio District
  • Johnnie Miller, TxDOT, Construction Division, Materials Section
  • Wade Odell, TxDOT, Research and Technology Implementation Office
  • Bart Sherrill, TxDOT, Childress District
  • Herb Smart, TxDOT, Construction Division, Materials Section
  • Matt Smith, TxDOT, Wichita Falls District
  • Brian Stanford, TxDOT, Traffic Operations Division
  • Sally Wegmann, TxDOT, Houston District
  • Larry White, TxDOT, Tyler District.


Address questions concerning information in this manual notice to Greg Brinkmeyer, Traffic Operations Division (TRF), 512-416-3120.


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