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Section 3: Relation to Other Documents

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References to Other Documents

This handbook combines information contained in numerous other documents to assist in the design, specification, and inspection of pavement markings. In some cases, information from other documents is repeated in this handbook with appropriate citations to the source of the information. This typically occurs where information from several documents is combined in a section of the handbook. In other cases, this handbook refers the user to a specific document for guidance on pavement marking issues.

Whenever practical, the handbook refers the reader to other documents so that the handbook will not be out of date when these documents are revised. When information from other documents is repeated in the handbook, the reader should check to make sure the source document has not been revised.

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Other TxDOT Documents

This handbook presents guidance information that may support or expand upon information contained in other TxDOT documents. The guidance contained in this handbook does not supersede standards, recommended practices, or requirements established by other TxDOT documents. The following documents also contain information related to the application, design, placement, installation, and maintenance of pavement markings.

  • Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devises (TMUTCD) — The TMUTCD establishes practices for the selection, design, placement, operation, and maintenance of traffic control devices. The TMUTCD is the document that establishes the legal requirements for the selection, application, design, installation, and maintenance of traffic control devices. The TMUTCD is available on-line at:
  • Traffic Engineering Standard Sheets — The standard sheets developed by the Traffic Operations Division contain additional guidance for the design, specification, and installation of pavement markings. The Traffic Engineering Standard Sheets are available on-line at: /orgchart/cmd/cserve/standard/toc.htm
  • Signs and Markings Volume of the Traffic Operations Manual — This document sets forth TxDOT standard practices and procedures regarding signs, markings, and other traffic control devices. This manual supplements the information contained in the TMUTCD. The November 1997 version of the Signs and Markings Volume (with the May 2000 revision of Chapter 10) was used to prepare this handbook.
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