Section 2: Award of Off-System Construction Contracts

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Activities of the local government entity or state agency associated with the construction contract letting process must conform to applicable federal requirements for those processes.

The Executive Director or his designee(s) is authorized to act for the Texas Transportation Commission in concurring or not concurring in the award of off-system construction contracts let by others.

The contracting agency shall assume all cost responsibility and legal liability for activities that do not conform with said federal requirements.

The Executive Director shall report to the commission concerning award concurrence or non-concurrence of all off-state numbered highway route projects that are let by local governmental entities or state agencies.

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The purpose of this policy is:

  • to transfer authorization from the commission to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) for concurrence with construction contract awards let by others but funded under various TxDOT funding categories
  • to set forth the concurrence guidelines to TxDOT.
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Executive Director

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Current Policy: Minute Order 106803, April 25, 1996 43 TAC §15.52(8)B



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