Section 3: Establishment of a Highway Reference Marker Location System

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A single highway reference marker system will be developed and implemented on the Texas Highway System. This reference marker system will include the following:

  • reference markers will be physically located on the highway
  • each marker will provide for unique location reference
  • a consecutive numbering scheme from the beginning to the end of the highway will be used
  • all current information management systems and other computer software which refer to highway locations shall be modified as practical to the new highway reference marker system; all future software development shall employ this new highway reference marking system

The Transportation Planning and Programming Division will be responsible for coordination of the implementation and continued support of the highway reference marker system and will issue procedures for its development and usage.

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The purpose of this policy is:

  • to implement a department-wide single-location reference key
  • to establish responsibilities for continued monitoring, support, and coordination.
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Transportation Planning and Programming Division

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Current Policy: Administrative Order 30-88



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