Section 6: MPO Metropolitan Transportation Plan

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The MPO shall develop a long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). The plan shall:

  • address at least a 20-year planning horizon
  • address all transportation planning elements as outlined by federal regulations
  • be financially constrained to the available and projected funds
  • adhere to a public involvement process adopted by the MPO policy board
  • be updated at least every three years for nonattainment areas and every five years for attainment areas.
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The approved MTP will constitute the basis for future project development within the MPO boundaries.

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The Transportation Planning and Programming Division is responsible for disseminating information necessary to implement the requirements of 23 U.S.C. 134. The MPO, in cooperation with the department and the publicly owned transit operators, is responsible for developing the MTP.

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Current Policy: 43 TAC §15.6


Reference: 23 CFR Part 450

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