Chapter 4: Other Policy


Section 1: Long-Range Projects Status

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Approval of projects for Long-Range Projects (LRP) status will be determined by the completion of a programming feasibility study to be reviewed by the Transportation Planning and Programming Division.

The Long-Range Projects status is defined as the authority for advanced planning through right-of-way determinations, including necessary route and environmental studies, as well as public hearing requirements. During LRP status, right-of-way maps should be completed and any environmental permits, clearances, coordinations, etc., should be identified. No letting dates should be assigned while a project is in this status.

The following areas are recommended to be evaluated for each project:

  • congruity with the Statewide Transportation Plan
  • congruity with the Metropolitan Transportation Plan
  • major environmental issues
  • level of community support
  • cost effectiveness
  • safety issues
  • level of service analysis
  • other areas of interest
  • conclusion.

The programming feasibility study should contain a brief project description, one or two paragraphs addressing each of the above areas, a project location map, and existing and proposes typical sections. Please note the programming feasibility study should be an abbreviated document of approximately five pages in length and not the equivalent in scope to the feasibility studies previously prepared for the Design Division.

The example provided in the memorandum makes no reference to the concurrence of the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) or the county in the case of rural projects.

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To ensure that the Project Development Plan (PDP)/Unified Transportation Program (UTP) be fiscally constrained to the forecasted available funds.

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Transportation Planning and Programming Division (TPP)

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Current Policy: TxDOT Memorandum (September 26, 1995)



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