Section 5: Single Source for Traffic Data

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This policy states that the department will maintain a single source of all traffic data reported to the commission, legislature, governor, and the public.

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The purpose of this policy is:

  • to comply with the authorities cited under references
  • to provide a reliable and accurate single source for traffic data from the department.
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Transportation Planning and Programming Division will:

  • review, modify, and approve all traffic data used in any documents including reports sent to the commission, the legislature, the governor, and the public within a reasonable time of receipt
  • coordinate with the districts and divisions to ensure consistent traffic data.

Districts and divisions will:

  • appoint a staff person to be the liaison with TPP for traffic data review and approval
  • submit external documents that include traffic data developed in the district or division to TPP for review and approval, including a project location map of the immediate area.
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Current Policy: Executive Order 6-90

Supersedes: Administrative Circular 48-86

Reference: TxDOT Memorandum (02/01/90), Highway Systems Functional Review Report

TxDOT Memorandum (08/30/85), Department Document Review Procedures for Commission Meetings

TxDOT Memorandum (11/14/85), Traffic Data Review Procedures

Transportation Code, Section 201.103

Transportation Code, Section 201.803

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