Section 2: Acquisition Procedures for Economically Disadvantaged Counties

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Acquisition procedures for counties designated as economically disadvantaged are the same as for non-designated counties, or are as stipulated in the agreement, except that the amount of local funds to be contributed may be adjusted by the Texas Transportation Commission. Note that all cities situated in a county that has been designated as "economically disadvantaged" are also eligible for adjustment of their participation ratio. The Transportation Planning and Programming Division is responsible for implementation of the economically disadvantaged county program, including preparation of any necessary minute orders.

At the beginning of each fiscal year, as determined by data provided to TxDOT by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, the designation "economically disadvantaged county" will be applied to a county that has, in comparison to other counties in the State:

The city council, commissioners' court or similar governing body of a local government that consists of all or part of an economically disadvantaged county shall submit a request for adjustment to the local District. The request will include, at a minimum:

In evaluating a request for an adjustment to the local matching funds requirement, the commission will consider an LG's:

The Commission will enter a minute order based on the above criteria, which may or may not adjust the participation ratio of the LG. If the ratio is adjusted, the applicable agreement or agreements will be prepared as detailed above.

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