Chapter 8: Federal Review and Approval Process for Metropolitan Transportation Plan Air Quality Conformity


Section 1: Process Description



The subject of air quality, conformity, nonattainment, and required correction is complex and rapidly changing. In Texas, approximately one-half of the state population resides in areas that do not meet air quality standards. In the year 2000, national standards may change, resulting in additional areas of Texas being declared nonattainment. If this occurs, more than two-thirds of the state’s population may be subject to federal air quality regulations. Clean Air Act amendments have established specific criteria that must be met for air quality nonattainment areas. Each MPO must demonstrate “transportation conformity” on its MTP and TIP every three years. Any revision to the TIP or MTP requires the MPO to resubmit conformity documentation to the Environmental Protection Agency for review and approval. The chart in Section 2 outlines the document flow for the federal review and approval process for MTP air quality conformity.

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