Chapter 7: Statewide Transportation Improvement Program Development Process


Section 1: Process Description

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The Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a staged, multi-year (three years plus one year of letting schedule), statewide, intermodal program of transportation projects that is consistent with the Statewide Transportation Plan, Unified Transportation Program, and Metropolitan Transportation Plans. The metropolitan TIPs and rural TIPs are coordinated to provide this statewide document of programmed work. Projects, or phases of projects, can be included in the STIP only if funding can reasonably be anticipated to be available for the project within the time period contemplated. The STIP also reflects the priorities for programming and expenditure of funds. A financial plan is included in the STIP to document the availability of funding and required matching funds from state and local sources. The chart in Section 2 summarizes the flow process for development of the STIP.

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