Section 6: Addendum Process

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This section covers the following aspects of the addendum process:

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Need for Addendum

After the PS&E package has been submitted and processed through the Design Division – Field Coordination Section (see the PS&E Processing Schedule for more information), copies of the assembled contract proposal and half-scale copies of the plans are forwarded to the responsible district and division offices. Personnel in these offices should recheck these documents to make sure that all necessary changes or corrections have been made. For various reasons, it is sometimes necessary to make changes to the plans or proposal. Any changes to these documents that must be made at this stage must be documented by the responsible office in the form of an addendum notice.

Addenda to be processed for a particular project are performed after the proposal release date as shown on the PS&E Processing Schedule.

An addendum should be submitted for processing only when:

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  • The competitiveness of the bid would be in jeopardy if the changes were not made
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  • The quantities are in error to a degree that could place the department at a disadvantage in negotiating significant corrections after contract award
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  • The bid documents would not be substantially representative of the project unless the change is made. This could include special design standard sheets, Special Specification, etc.; however, if a regularly used statewide standard sheet was omitted, it would not be considered significant and an addendum would not be released. A change order should be used to add the missing statewide standard sheet.

    To help identify changes to PS&E that should and should not be addenda, following are a few examples of addenda that should not be pursued:

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  • To renumber sheets on the title sheet or to add sheet numbers that were omitted. This is not critical to bidders.
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  • To change the title sheet to include one now signed by local officials in all released copies (having the original is adequate). It is not critical to the bidders to have that signature.
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  • If a sheet or so in the PS&E that was released was not signed and sealed, it is necessary to get the original corrected, but it is not critical to the bidders to release an addendum.
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  • To change the quantity of riprap or add a few feet of curb and gutter is generally not critical so as to risk the project by issuing an addendum.

These are only a few examples, but keep in mind that to risk a project by issuing an addendum, it must be critical to the bidders that they have this information. Otherwise, those changes should be handled after the project is awarded.

There are also concerns when a potential error in the plans is brought to the attention of TxDOT by a potential bidder/contractor/supplier. When this occurs, there shouldn’t be any indication that this will be changed prior to letting or by a change order. If this is stated to anyone and not to all, then the potential exists that all bids may be thrown out. TxDOT should issue a thank you to the potential bidder/contractor/supplier for notification of the error and state that it will be looked into and if a change is required, an addendum will be issued. Otherwise, they are to bid the project just as they see it presented in the PS&E bid package.

Please note, no addenda will be processed prior to the proposal release date. In accordance with the PS&E Review and Processing Schedule, addenda are due in Austin approximately ten working days prior to letting. This addendum will be marked as Addendum #1. Any subsequent modifications to the bidding package should be a rarity; however, when this situation occurs, the second and/or any subsequent addenda will be numbered appropriately. An addendum at this late date will also require contacting each contractor by the divisions to notify them, but may easily mean pulling the job from the letting. Addenda will require authorization, by the CST division director, requested by district engineer.

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Addendum Notice

This addendum notice provides a written summary of all changes that are made to the plans and proposal after the PS&E package has been processed and submitted to the Design Division – Field Coordination Section. For exact dates, please see Monthly Processing Schedule. The preparation of the addendum notice is described later in this section. In order to process an addendum, the district needs to provide a written summary of all changes to be made to the plans. The district should either provide replacement sheets that incorporate all of the necessary changes or should arrange with the responsible division to obtain the plans and make the changes in Austin. If the plan changes can be quickly made and if the workload permits, some minor plan changes can be made by division personnel. Any changes to the estimate, General Notes, and Specification List must also be documented. The district should coordinate with DES Field Section for DCIS changes to the estimate and specifications list, and the final copy of the general notes are placed in the appropriate Miramo folder for preparation of the addendum notification.

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Federal Oversight Project Addendum

On federal oversight projects, any changes which must be made during the advertising period after issuance of the federal letter of authority must be forwarded to the FHWA for approval. Once FHWA approves the changes, and CST approves the addendum to be released to contractors, the proposal addendum and plan sheet changes are posted to Plans Online.

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Addendum Process

The addendum process should begin with coordination with DES for preparation of the addendum notification. The district is responsible for preparing the addendum notice and the addendum information sheet. The preparation of these documents is described later in this section. In order to make the DCIS and ROSCOE changes, the district needs to contact the Design Division – Field Coordination Section to have the estimate released back to the district’s control on the DCIS P5 screen. After all changes have been made and the district has prepared the addendum notice, the estimate must be released back to division control by changing the P to an 8 by contacting Finance Division Letting Management Section, on the DCIS P5 screen. The addendum package must then be forwarded to the Design Division – Field Coordination Section for further handling. The paperwork for the addendum package consists of:

District should send in a complete copy of addenda for Design Division’s file copy.

Once the Design Division – Field Coordination Section receives the addendum package, the revised plan sheets are sent out for reproduction. The addendum notice file is accessed and transferred to the proper location. Once processing is complete, the addendum notice is released to the Construction Division for distribution to prospective bidders. All prospective bidders must acknowledge receipt of addenda on the acknowledgment sheet of their bidding proposal. Failure to do so will cause their bid to be considered non-responsive.

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Last Revision Date

Due to the number and size of changes received for processing, there is the possibility that changes provided on this date might not be able to be processed in time to be delivered to all parties involved.This results in the removal of the project from the letting. For this reason, it is recommended that only necessary changes be requested and that they be requested as early as possible. Processing numerous addenda, particularly at the last minute, requires extensive manpower which, in turn, delays the processing of future projects.

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Addendum Notice Procedure

The procedure for completing the addendum notice is shown in Table 5-1.

Anchor: #i1010401Table 5-1: Addendum Notice Procedure




Sign onto your regional ROSCOE. (ROSCP for divisions.)


Type PC.NOTICE and enter.


On the main menu screen, input a filename for your library where the addendum data should be stored (such as A1023001).


On the addendum notification screen, input all the necessary data as follows:


For TO: input the district that the project is in, CST and DES.


For FROM: input the name of the district or division preparing the notice and the section and initials.


For CONTROL: input all nine digits of the controlling CSJ.


Input an addendum date MM/DD/YY.


Put an X under proposal if the addendum changes the proposal cover, such as the contract time or proposal guaranty amount.


Input the page number of all BID INSERT sheets that will change due to the addendum, such as due to quantity changes, item or descriptive code changes, provision number changes, etc.


Input the sheet number of any General Note and sheets that change due to the addendum. Users with access rights will place a revised General Notes PDF file in Miramo set up in a TxDOT directory. Notes must be submitted for update prior to completion of addenda for printing revisions.


Input the page number of any Specification List pages that change due to the addendum.


Input the numbers of any Special Provisions or Special Specifications that are added or deleted.


Under OTHER: list the plan sheet numbers of all sheets that change due to the addendum or use the description of changes screen to summarize all changes.


Once all of the above fields have been input, hit ENTER.


A Description of Above Changes screen will appear. Describe changes. All changes must be summarized in sufficient detail so that prospective bidders can see what has changed. Proposal cover changes should be described in narrative form, if applicable. Bid Insert changes must be described. General Note changes are described next. The changes to the Specification List must be summarized. Changes to all plan sheets must be described in narrative form. Estimate changes should also be summarized except for unit price changes. Click here for more information.


Once all data has been input, the main menu can be accessed by hitting PF1.


A check copy of the addendum notice can be printed by hitting PF11 from the main menu.


Submit Addendum by hitting PF12 from the main menu

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Addendum Information Sheet

In addition to the addendum notice, an addendum information sheet must be filled out before the package can be turned in to the Design Division – Field Coordination Section. For all review projects, the following information must be provided for further addendum processing and posting to Plans Online.

Click here for more information.

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