Chapter 4: Plans Estimate


Section 1: Overview

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Plans Estimate Description

The plans estimate is a tabulated listing of construction bid items that documents the project's total estimated construction cost. The listing includes the description, unit bid price and quantity of each bid item for the major categories of work. The major categories of work for a project are separated into roadway items, bridge items or items for other categories as defined by the district. Bridges and bridge classified culverts along with all pertaining items, should be separated from roadway items in the estimate.

NOTE: For each bridge and bridge classified culvert breakout, a Bridge Cost Information (BCI, also know as mainframe’s 12 card) should be entered on the Design and Construction Information System (DCIS) estimate to include name of structure, existing and proposed structure identification numbers (NBI), clear roadway and overall deck widths, bridge type, bridge work, deck area, cost %, an indication whether the bridge is on or off system, length of structure, and beginning and ending station numbers. For further information reference DCIS User Manual Chapter 4 Section 1. Also you may reference http://crossroads/org/brg/PD/index.htm.

A properly prepared construction estimate will also identify all different types of work that are to be included in the contract. This includes work to be performed by state or other forces, work eligible or ineligible for federal participation, and local government work such as utility work, storm sewer, sidewalk, landscaping, etc., that may be desired to be let in the project. The designer needs to carefully consider all aspects of design requirements, project agreement obligations, and federal requirements in identifying and composing the item of work in a construction contract. It is better to do the job correctly before the letting than to negotiate a dispute or item of work with a contractor unprepared to do the work after signing the contract.

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