Section 5: Pre-letting Checklist

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The following checklist contains activities completed by the responsible district personnel prior to submission of the PS&E to DES in Austin.

  • CheckboxCheck to see if pre-bid conferences are shown. DES Director approval is required for mandatory pre-bid conferences. If so, make sure the DCIS P05 screen (PF 11 Pre-Bid screen) with pre-bid meeting information has been completely and accurately filled out. Also, pre-bid dates should be checked to allow sufficient advertising prior to meeting date.
  • CheckboxIf the project is less than $300,000 (total bid items excluding E&C and force accounts), check to make sure WAIVER FLAG on the DCIS P05 screen is Y.
  • CheckboxOnce the estimate is complete and all corrections have been made (including revisions), run the pre-letting update and report. Send a copy of pre-letting report to FIN-Letting Management Section at least one week prior to letting.
  • CheckboxCheck the DCIS P05 screen for accuracy. Make sure the number of working days is accurate and in agreement with the contract time estimate worksheet. Always show the contract time on the DCIS P05 screen as W (C for calendar days is no longer used.) Check the area engineer’s name (last name, first name), address, and phone number for accuracy.
  • CheckboxCheck the amount of authorized funds (DCIS P2 screen[s] and UTP). Compare the current total engineer’s estimate to the amount authorized. If insufficient funds, check Minute Order No. 106788 to identify who is authorized to approve the necessary additional funds. Prepare and send the necessary memorandums/justification.
  • CheckboxIf participation by others is involved, check to see if the appropriate agreements have been prepared. Check to make sure the total participation by other entities has been input on the other participation field on the DCIS P1 screen. See the DCIS User Manual, Chapter 2, Section 1 Fields for more information.
  • CheckboxFor Federal-Aid projects, the FIN Division - Letting Management Section prepares an FPAA form, coordinates with FHWA. The project must be environmentally clear (by the FHWA) and in an approved STIP before this form can be submitted to the FHWA.
  • CheckboxDistrict prepares draft of proposal for review by district and DES.
  • CheckboxDesign Division Field Section develops final proposal, and CST issues proposals to interested bidders.
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