Section 3: PS&E Submissions Schedules

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Prior to beginning detailed design on any project, the designer should determine from his/her supervisor or the district’s TP&D Section, the funding source (state or federal) for the project and any pertinent time constraints. In addition, the designer must determine if the scheduled letting date in the Design and Construction Information System (DCIS) is flexible or firm. A flexible letting schedule will allow the designer to proceed with project design and plan preparation with available resources. However, if a firm letting schedule is encountered, the designer must clearly understand the deadlines established by the Design Division. This section covers the following PS&E submission schedule topics:

  • General deadlines and project categories
  • Detailed deadlines.
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General Deadlines and Project Categories

Approximately six months prior to the beginning of the coming fiscal year, the Finance Division publishes a Fiscal Year Letting Schedule ( for the approaching fiscal year. This schedule contains projects authorized by the Commission which have been identified as ready for letting or obligation of funds for that fiscal year by each District.

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Detailed Deadlines

In addition to the Fiscal Year Letting Schedule, a PS&E Review and Processing Schedule is published that delineates various processing deadlines for meeting a desired letting. The deadlines are based on four distinct categories of projects:

  • All federal submission projects (projects pre-determined to be federal oversight by the Federal Oversight Agreement between FHWA and TxDOT).
  • All federal non-submission projects (all other federally funded projects) and state projects (state funded).
  • District review projects (see Chapter 2).
  • Local Public Agency (LPA) let projects (see Chapter 7).

This schedule also provides detailed dates from the time PS&E is scheduled for receipt in Austin to the scheduled letting dates for that particular month.

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