Section 4: Specification List Checklist

The following checklist provides some additional information:

  • CheckboxMake sure that all pay items in the estimate are included on the Specification List. If not, update the Specification List.
  • CheckboxCheck listed reference items. All reference items must either be mentioned within the specification or Special Provision or in the plans or General Notes.
  • CheckboxCheck required Special Provisions. Make sure all Special Provisions and Special Specifications are current. Use the current listing issued by the Roadway Specification Section (CST_RDWY_SPECS). A list of required and special case Special Provisions exists in the Construction Division’s Internet site at for 2014 specifications.
  • CheckboxIf any new Special Provisions or Special Specifications are required, make sure the Specification has been created in Microsoft Word using the correct template. (See the Construction Division’s Internet site at For all projects, obtain Special Provision numbers from the Roadway Specification Section (CST_RDWY_SPECS) prior to submission and add to the Specification List.
  • CheckboxCheck Special Provision titles (as listed on the spec list) closely to verify they match the titles (as shown on the current listing) exactly. Also be sure to check quotation marks and the number of dashes. The format must be either (XXX---XXX), (XXX--XXXX), or (XXXX-XXXX). These errors can cause the automated proposal assembly system to create an incomplete proposal.
  • CheckboxMake sure that the first provision listed is either FHWA Form 1273 for Federal-Aid projects, or State Labor Provisions for state projects. Wage Rates is the second provision listed.
  • CheckboxMake sure the Item 506 “Temporary Erosion, Sedimentation, and Environmental Controls” is on all Specification Lists.
  • CheckboxMake sure all referenced Special Specifications are listed under the Special Specification section of the Specification List.
  • CheckboxFor signing, illumination, and signal projects, make sure that the proper Special Provision has been included to allow the contractor lead time to accumulate materials.
  • CheckboxMake sure the dates and other information included on all 000 Special Provisions regarding right-of-way acquisition, utility adjustments, relocation assistance, and/or right-of-way encroachments match the information included on the corresponding certifications and are current.
  • CheckboxFor projects that require accelerated construction strategies, ensure that the appropriate Special Provision to Item 8 is included in the Specification List.
  • CheckboxAll construction projects must include either special provision 007-009 or 007-010 to include a procedure for handling road closures before, during and after key dates / special events into the contract.
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