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Section 5: Driveway Angle

Two-way driveways should intersect the roadway at an angle of ninety degrees unless it is determined that a lesser angle will provide satisfactory traffic operations for the highway. Suggested limiting values on driveway angles are:

Residential Driveway: 75o

Commercial Driveway: 75o; commercial driveways expected to have a volume of 400 vehicles per day or two or more trucks/large vehicles in a one-hour period shall be designed as normal intersections (public driveway).

Normal Intersection (Public Driveway), Service Driveway and Field Driveway: 80o.

The angle of intersection between the centerline of a one-way driveway and the edge of pavement of the public roadway may be between forty-five (45o) and ninety degrees (90o). Sixty degrees (60o) is a commonly used angle for one-way driveways.

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