Section 6: Emergency Crossovers

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Emergency crossovers between divided roadways are sometimes necessary for use by official vehicles (e.g., law enforcement, emergency responders, or traffic incident management).

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When selecting the location for an emergency crossover, the following guidance should be used:

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  • In general, emergency crossovers should not be provided on urban roadways due to the close spacing of interchanges.
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  • Where the spacing of interchanges is greater than approximately 3 miles, an emergency crossover should be considered at a favorable location about halfway between interchanges.
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  • In no case should an emergency crossover be spaced at less than 1-mile intervals.
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  • All emergency crossovers should be at least 0.5 mile from any structure that crosses over a roadway and at least 1 mile from any ramp terminal or other access connection, such as those serving safety rest areas.
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  • Emergency crossovers should be located where adequate stopping sight distance is available and where the median is sufficiently wide to permit an official vehicle to turn between the inner lanes.
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  • When emergency crossovers are desired on divided facilities with continuous concrete barrier for medians not meeting clear zone requirements of Table 2-12, use TxDOT's Barrier Gate Standard to bridge the opening.
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  • Emergency crossovers should not be located in curves requiring superelevation, unless engineering judgement determines the location is safe and reasonable for official use.
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  • Emergency crossovers should also be as inconspicuous to the traveling public as possible. Refer to the TMUTCD for the appropriate regulatory signing of emergency crossovers.
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Location and type of emergency crossovers should be made a part of the PS&E as a contract item and should be installed as such. Refer to Appendix A Section 9, Emergency Crossovers for additional details regarding the design and construction of emergency crossovers.

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