Appendix A: Metal Beam Guardrails


Section 1: Overview

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The objectives of this appendix are to make available data and guidelines for the use of roadside traffic barriers (typically metal beam guard fence) in a consolidated and understandable form. These guidelines should be supplemented by sound engineering judgment.

The area adjacent to the traveled way plays an important role in the safe operation of a high speed facility. Accident statistics show that a significant portion of accidents on rural roads are the single vehicle, run-off-the-road type. Provision of an obstacle free zone and the effective use of barriers to shield obstacles that cannot otherwise be removed or safety treated are important considerations for enhancing safety performance.

The Appendix also contains the following sections:

Section 2 - Barrier Need

Section 3 - Structural Consideration

Section 4 - Placement of Guardrail

Section 5 - End Treatment of Guardrail

Section 6 - Determining Length of Need of Barrier

Section 7 - Example Problems.

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