Section 3: Pedestrian Separations and Ramps

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General Requirements

Pedestrian separations are generally limited to controlled access facilities since it is necessary that all at-grade pedestrian crossings be eliminated on those facilities. Control-of-access fences and other means may be used to encourage pedestrians to cross at traffic separations. On highways other than freeways, pedestrian separations will be considered only in unusual circumstances.

Pedestrian structures may be used to provide for heavy pedestrian movements adjacent to factories, schools, parks, athletic fields, etc. If the location of traffic separations is such that their use would add an unreasonable pedestrian distance, a pedestrian structure may be considered for lower pedestrian volumes.

A pedestrian structure should be made as natural and convenient as possible. Either an overcrossing or undercrossing may be provided. All separations must be accessible to the disabled unless alternate safe means are provided to enable mobility-limited persons to cross the roadway at that location, or unless it would be infeasible for mobility-limited persons to reach the structure because of unusual topographical or architectural obstacles unrelated to the roadway facility.

Pedestrian ramps associated with roadway facilities such as pedestrian separations, parking lots, rest areas, curb cuts at cross walks, etc., must be accessible to disabled persons and designed in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines and the Texas Accessibility Standards.

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All pedestrian overcrossings should be enclosed with wire fabric to discourage pedestrians from throwing debris onto vehicles below the structure.

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Pedestrians avoid the use of undercrossings unless the underpass is in line with the approach sidewalk and has continuous vision through the underpass from the approaching sidewalk. Ample lighting and drainage, both day and night, is essential.

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