Section 5: Preliminary Design

As outlined in Chapters 2 through 5 of the Project Development Process Manual, developing a project for construction letting is a multi-stage process involving many disciplines. The preliminary design process should clearly establish the design criteria, adhering to the Roadway Design Manual and other applicable guidelines and policies. Preliminary design processes that affect and influence decisions include the following:

NOTE: Brackets [ ] indicate resultant documentation.

The following manuals should be referenced for required submittals and submittal processes:

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See TxDOT Survey Manual

Design Exceptions, Waivers, Variances, and Deviations:

See Roadway Design Manual (RDM) and Project Development Process Manual (PDP)

Schematics and IAJRs:

See RDM and PDP Manuals

ROW Establishment:

See ROW Acquisition Manual


See Access Management Manual and RDM

PS&E Documentation:

See PS&E Preparation Manual and PDP Manual

Utility Documentation:

See ROW Utilities Manual

Railroad Coordination (See Note):

See Rail-Highway Operations Manual

Pavement Design:

See Pavement Manual

Bridge & Bridge Class Structures:

See Bridge Project Development Manual

Retaining Wall Layouts:

See Geotechnical Manual

Hydraulic Analysis:

See Hydraulic Design Manual

Traffic Control Devices

See Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

Traffic Signals:

See Traffic Signals Manual

Speed Zones:

See Procedures for Establishing Speed Zones Manual


See Highway Illumination Manual

Landscape and Aesthetic Design:

See Landscape and Aesthetics Design Manual

Local Government Projects:

See Local Government Projects Policy Manual

Design Build Projects:

See Design-Build Contract Administration Manual

NOTE: Work on or within 500-ft of railroad right-of-way, as measured longitudinally along the project’s roadway or laterally along any adjacent road, should be evaluated for impacts. Railroad coordination and letter of agreement are required for any work on or within 50-ft of railroad right-of-way.

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