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Section 9: Roadways Intersecting Department Projects

Off-system roadways that intersect or tie into a facility which the Department is constructing should desirably meet or exceed the Department's design criteria based on the functional classification of the intersecting roadway as designated by the Transportation Planning and Programming (TPP) Division. At a minimum, the project must improve or retain the existing geometry of the intersecting roadway. There is no need for a design exception or design waiver if the off-system intersecting road's geometry retains or exceeds its existing geometry. Existing geometry includes horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, and cross-sectional elements as outlined in Sections 4, 5, and 6 of this chapter. The definition of off-system intersecting roadways excludes private driveways.

When an off-system intersecting road is modified at the request of the owner, then it must follow the Department's design criteria for the functional class of the road or street being modified. If the Department's design criteria cannot be met, then the corresponding design exception(s) and or design waiver(s) is required.

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