Section 3: Schematic Layouts

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The submission of schematic layouts should include the basic information necessary for the proper review and evaluation of the proposed improvement:

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  • General project information including project limits, design speed, and functional classification.
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  • The location of interchanges, mainlanes, grade separations, frontage roads, turnarounds, and ramps.
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  • Existing and proposed profiles and horizontal alignments of mainlanes, ramps, and crossroads at proposed interchanges or grade separations. Frontage road alignment data need not be shown on the schematic, however, it should be developed in sufficient detail to determine right of way needs.
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  • For freeways, the location and text of the proposed mainlane guide signs should be shown. Lane lines and/or arrows indicating the number of lanes should be shown.
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  • For freeway added capacity projects, a capacity analysis.
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  • An explanation of the sequence and methods of stage construction including initial and ultimate proposed treatment of crossovers and ramps.
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  • The tentative right of way limits.
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  • Bridges and bridge class culverts should be shown.
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  • The geometrics (pavement cross slope, superelevation, lane and shoulder widths, slope ratio for fills and cuts) of the typical sections of proposed highway mainlanes, ramps, frontage roads, and cross roads.
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  • Location of retaining walls and/or noise walls.
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  • The existing and proposed traffic volumes and, as applicable, turning movement volumes.
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  • If applicable, the existing and proposed control of access lines.
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  • The direction of traffic flow on all roadways.
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  • If applicable, location and width of median openings.
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  • The geometrics of speed change and auxiliary lanes.
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  • Design speed.
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  • Existing roadways and structures to be closed or removed.
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