Section 3: Actual Reasonable Moving Expenses

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Displacee Requirements

A displacee may be reimbursed for the costs of a move by a commercial moving firm or for the costs of a self-move. Itemized and receipted bills and lists of goods and property moved must support such costs.

The displacee, before the start of his move, shall inform TxDOT of:

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  • his intention to have his goods and property moved commercially and the name of the company or individual who will perform the move;
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  • the date of the move and the address to where his personalty will be relocated;
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  • a dated list of goods and property to be moved; and
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  • any unusual conditions or special handling requirements that could affect the moving cost.
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TxDOT Requirements

TxDOT shall:

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  • perform a pre-move, displacement site review, when possible, to verify the displaced property list and any special conditions and requirements that could affect moving costs;
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  • monitor the move; moves involving both a residential displacement and a home business displacement must be closely monitored to ensure no duplication of payment due to possible overlapping of personal property (residential items vs. business items);
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  • perform a post-move, replacement site review, when possible, to determine if personalty is actually moved and installed as stated in submitted invoices;
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  • verify submitted invoices and receipts with issuing organizations and individuals (should always be followed up on); and
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  • advise the displacee regarding the eligibility of expenses before the move.
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