Section 3: Advance Payment Processing

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A displacee who demonstrates that an advance relocation payment processing is justified to avoid or reduce hardship can apply for assistance in advance, by completing and submitting a modified claim form to ROW PD. The modified form will not contain all necessary information (e.g., move date, closing date). Once all information is obtained, ROW PD will submit this information to the ROW Program Office to complete documentation requirements. Application and processing procedures for all residential and non-residential displacees are as follows:

Applications for housing supplements, rent supplements, incidental expense payments, increased interest payments and moving expense payments shall be processed after the initiation of negotiations for the parcel, and before the displacee moves from the acquired dwelling.

Applications shall be forwarded to ROW PD on an individual basis and supported by a letter from the displacee indicating the specific need for advance payment.

Applications with ROW PD Management’s, or its authorized designee’s, written recommendation shall be forwarded to the ROW Program Office.

If displacee’s application is approved, ROW PD shall hold in escrow the state warrant and assure all parties that payment will be made upon completion of eligibility requirements.

The displacee shall submit paid receipts for all actual cost moving claims, with the exception of previously approved negotiated self-move payments.

NOTE: Advance payment processing is not available for a late residential occupant until TxDOT has acquired the parcel.

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