Section 2: Allowable Moving Expenses - Residential

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When moving on an actual cost basis, consider the following items in this section as eligible moving expenses, if determined to be reasonable and necessary.

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Costs, including packing and unpacking, for moving personalty lawfully located on the site from which it is moved not to exceed 50 miles, unless TxDOT determines that relocation beyond 50 miles is justified and has prior approval from the ROW Program Office.

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Personal Transportation

Costs for transporting residential displacees to the new location are eligible moving expenses. Reimburse these costs at the current TxDOT rate, or, if commercial transportation is used, reimbursement can be for reasonable actual fees. Costs for special personal services, such as ambulance transportation for invalid displacees, are eligible.

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Removal and Reinstallation

Costs for disconnecting, dismantling, removing, reassembling, and reinstalling displaced household appliances and other personalty are eligible moving expenses.

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Prior to the move, ROW PD may approve requests for personalty storage. The need for storage must be documented in ROW PD files. Durations of storage approved by ROW PD should be for a reasonable and necessary amount of time, not to exceed 12 months. Costs for personalty storage exceeding 12 months require approval by the ROW Program Office. Costs for storing personalty on the remainder of real property being acquired, or on other property owned or leased by the displacee or a member of his family, are not eligible. Animal boarding is not considered personalty storage.

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Temporary Lodgings and Meals

TxDOT may approve reimbursement of the reasonable costs of temporary lodgings and meals, for up to 14 days, when it is determined, before the move, that such costs are necessary. The necessity of incurring such costs must be documented in ROW PD files. Reimbursement for costs incurred in excess of 14 days may be approved by ROW PD on a case by case basis. Costs for lodging displacees in vacation quarters or resort facilities outside the relocation area are not eligible. Costs for temporary lodgings and meals in other property owned by the displacee or rented by him for other purposes are also ineligible.

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Costs for insurance premiums covering loss or damage of personalty while in storage or transit are eligible expenses; however, the coverage amount must not exceed reasonable replacement value of the moved property.

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Losses in Moving

Reasonable replacement value of property lost, stolen, or damaged in the moving process when insurance covering such loss, theft, or damage is not readily available is an eligible expense. However, property lost, stolen or damaged through the fault or negligence of the displacee, his agent, or employees is ineligible.

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Costs for utility and telephone hookup charges are eligible; however, refundable service deposits are not eligible.

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Mobile Homes

Eligible costs are as follows:

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  • reasonable costs for disassembling, moving, reassembling, and anchoring any attached structures (such as porches, decks, skirting and awnings) that are not acquired by TxDOT as real property;
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  • reasonable costs for repairs or modifications, determined necessary by TxDOT, for moving the mobile home to a replacement site; and
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  • non-returnable mobile home park entrance fees, unless TxDOT determines that a comparable mobile home park is available which does not require an entrance fee.
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Other Expenses

Costs not specifically listed as ineligible in Ineligible Expenses and determined by TxDOT to be reasonable and necessary.

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