Chapter 23: Appeals Process


Section 1: Appeal Provisions

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The Relocation Assistance Review Committee will be appointed by the Executive Director of TxDOT from TxDOT staff not directly involved in actions being appealed.

Applications for review must be in writing and submitted to the appropriate R/W-PD office within 90 days after the displacee receives notice of relocations entitlements. Each application for review must state the specific relocation benefit or payment amount to which the claimant believes he is entitled.

A displacee who files a written review request with TxDOT has a right to be represented, at his own expense, by legal counsel or other representative in connection with his appeal.

A displacee who has filed a written review request with TxDOT will be permitted to inspect and copy all non-confidential materials pertinent to his request. TxDOT may impose reasonable conditions on the person’s right to inspect, if consistent with applicable laws.

A displacee desiring to have his grievance reviewed by TxDOT’s Relocation Assistance Review Committee will be furnished form ROW-R-109, Request for Review of Relocation Payment. However, TxDOT will consider any written review request regardless of the form used.

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