Section 2: Documentation for Claims

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Claim Types

The following types of claims require documentation:

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A chart listing the required documents for Residential Moves can be found at the following link: Residential Moves Supporting Documents.

A chart listing the required documents for Non-Residential Moves can be found at the following link: Non-Residential Moves Supporting Documents.

For Advance Payment. Advance Payment - residential or non-residential: advance payment request from displacee describing hardship requiring advance payment; Department written recommendation for advance payment to relieve or avoid financial hardship with assurances to all parties that the warrant will be held in escrow at the Department until eligibility requirements are met, modified claim forms with support documentation available; completed claim forms and complete documentation when warrant is delivered. In addition, when an advanced payment request related to replacement housing supplements is requested, a copy of the final closing documents must be forwarded to ROW Division HQ upon receipt.

For Direct Payment to Vendor. Direct Payment to Vendor (mover, utility company, etc.) must be fully executed prior to moving expenses being incurred: claim forms applicable to type of payment with documentation, including fully executed third-party agreement, form ROW-R-DPV.

A copy of the Certification of Eligibility Form for each owner and/or current tenant must be submitted along with any supporting documentation for Aliens Lawfully Present in the United States.

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