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Section 2: Types of Moving Options

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Actual Cost Commercial Move

Reimbursement documented by paid receipts from a professional mover.

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Actual Cost Self-Move

Reimbursement shall be documented by paid receipts for equipment rentals, fuel, etc., and inventory of moved personalty. Additionally, the displacee shall provide an itemized, certified accounting of the number of hours spent on the move and the claimed hourly wage rate. The hourly wage rate is limited to that charged by bonded commercial movers for moves of similar property. Moves that only involve personal property, under the self-move option, cannot be based on the lower of two bids or estimates.

If displacing a mini-storage facility, a move schedule can be developed based on the lower of two commercial bids to address each storage unit size being displaced. The amount for various unit sizes in the schedule can be used as the basis for reimbursement of a self-move without the required receipts and time logs. This move schedule must be approved by ROW PD prior to any displacements occurring.

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