Section 2: Eligibility - 90-Day Tenant-Occupants and Less Than 90-Day Owner Occupants

A displaced 90-day tenant or less than 90-day owner is eligible for rental assistance or down payment assistance, as computed according to Rental Assistance Payment, if the person meets all of the following criteria:

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  • he is eligible according to the requirements of Eligibility Requirements;
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  • he actually and lawfully occupied the displacement dwelling for at least 90 days immediately before the initiation of negotiations; and
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  • he rented or purchased (as applicable), and occupied a DSS replacement dwelling within one year after the following dates:
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    • for a tenant, the date he moves from the displacement dwelling, or the required vacating date (whichever is earlier);
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    • for an owner-occupant, the later of the date he receives final payment for the displacement dwelling, or for condemnation, the date the full amount of the estimate of just compensation is deposited in the court; or the date he moves from the displacement dwelling.
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