Section 4: Minimum Relocation Assistance Advisory Services for Residential Displacees

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For residential displacees, a determination shall be made as to the relocation needs and preferences of each person to be displaced and an explanation of the relocation payments and other assistance for which the person may be eligible, the related eligibility requirements, and the procedures for obtaining such assistance. This shall include a personal interview with each residential displaced person and offer the following assistance:

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  • Provide current and continuing information on the availability, purchase prices and rental costs of comparable replacement dwellings, and explain that the person cannot be required to move unless at least one comparable replacement dwelling is made available.
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  • Inform the person in writing, as soon as feasible of the specific comparable replacement dwelling and the price or rent used for establishing the upper limit of the replacement housing payment and the basis for the determination, so that the person is aware of the maximum replacement housing payment for which he or she may qualify.
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  • Where feasible, housing shall be inspected prior to being made available to assure that it meets applicable standards. If such an inspection is not made, the department shall notify the person to be displaced that a replacement housing payment may not be made unless the replacement dwelling is subsequently inspected and determined to be decent, safe and sanitary.
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  • Whenever possible, minority persons shall be given reasonable opportunities to relocate to decent, safe and sanitary replacement dwellings, not located in an area of minority concentration, that are within their financial means. This policy, however, does not require the department to provide a person a larger payment than is necessary to enable a person to relocate to a comparable replacement dwelling.
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  • The department shall offer all persons transportation to inspect housing to which they are referred.
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  • Any displaced person that may be eligible for government housing assistance at the replacement dwelling shall be advised of any requirements of such government housing assistance program that would limit the size of the replacement dwelling, as well as of the long term nature of such rent subsidy, and the limited (42 month) duration of the relocation rental assistance payment.
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