Section 4: Moving Expense Finding

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Cost Estimate

Non-residential moving costs may be estimated by a qualified TxDOT employee, not assigned the parcel for relocation assistance purposes, if the expected moving costs do not exceed $2,500. Include the following items in the TxDOT cost estimate:

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  • a signed and dated list of property to be moved, including items requiring packaging, crating, or special handling. When a move involves an advertising sign, the estimate must include the sign inventory, applicable section and permit number, and a sketch or photograph of the sign showing its size, number of poles, types of materials, lighting, and present advertisement;
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  • distance to or location of replacement site;
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  • eligible removal and reinstallation expenses;
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  • estimated costs for the per hour labor of persons who physically participate in and are necessary for the move. However, the hourly rates may not exceed those paid locally by commercial movers or contractors;
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  • transportation and equipment costs based upon the time period a vehicle or equipment is actually needed for the move, at the lowest hourly or daily rate normally charged by commercial rental agencies for comparable vehicles or equipment;
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  • other time and cost factors on which the expense finding is based (such as units, weights, or hourly rates);
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  • other conditions or items, if any, which may affect the moving cost;
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  • name and title of the individual preparing the estimate; and
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  • the preparation date of the estimate.
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