Chapter 25: Payment Submissions

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Section 1: Guidelines for Electronic Submissions

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Electronic Submissions

Relocation program materials shall be submitted for approval or payment to the dedicated email address:

Send one approval or payment submission per email and include the ROW CSJ#, Parcel #, and name of displacee in the subject line.

The electronic submissions shall contain the following applicable documents:

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  • Transmittal memo, including standard project information (ROW CSJ #, Parcel #, Displacee Name, County and Highway). For audit purposes, include any descriptions or comments necessary to explain the claim. This memo shall contain ROW PD’s recommendation for payment or approval.
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  • (1) ROW-A-15 Payment Request, signed by an authorized TxDOT employee;
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  • ROW-R-CE, Certification of Eligibility with any applicable attachments;
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  • Supporting documentation for Aliens Lawfully Present in the United States shall be included with this form;
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  • Appropriate relocation claim forms;
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  • Supporting documentation for the claim as identified in this manual. For complicated submissions, include a signed/dated spreadsheet or index which correlates to numbered receipts, summarizing totals; and
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  • Applicable vendor invoices, which must be date stamped upon receipt at ROW PD.

Standard processing time by the ROW Program Office is within 48 hours from receipt, assuming no deficiencies.

When appropriate, continue to route relocation program materials through regular inter-office mail, using the same general guidelines listed above.

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